Map of walk 14

The walk starts from Ewes Hall car park 5 miles north of Langholm up the A7. The strat is on bus route 95 from the Market Place in Langholm

Options 1 & 2 From the car park walk carefully S. down the W. verge of the A7 for approx. 150m. Turn right through a gate signed Burngrains. Follow this track up the W. side of the Meikledale Burn past Bush Cottage to Rigfoot. Immediately past Rigfoot turn L. and follow the track W. up Wolf Hope. This track follows the N. bank of Wolfhope Burn for approx. 2km, eventually petering out as the burn heads N.W. Continue to follow the burn to its head then walk N.W. to hit the boundary fence at Wolfhope Head.

Turn R. at the fence and keep the fence on your left all the way to Faw Side(526m). The route can be wet and difficult underfoot. The occasional quad bike track is useful. The first climb to Broad Head is followed by a downhill to cross the forestry track at 342 947. At this point the shorter option 2. can be followed.

Option 2

Turn R. down the forest track and follow this down Jockís Hope Burn (with occasional diversions up side valleys) to Burngrains. From Burngrains follow the track down the W. side of Meikledale Burn to Rigfoot. From Rigfoot, follow the original section of the walk in reverse.

Option 1 continued

Continue along the ridge with the fence on your L. climbing Middle Hill (494m) and Blackgrain Height (496m). At Blackgrain Height pass through a gate at a fence junction, turn L. and continue with the fence still on the L. to Swingill Height (492m) and Faw Side (526m). Superb views in all directions. Approx 100m past the top of Faw Side note a marker post and head to the R. roughly E. to join St. Martinís Sike. Follow the ridge S.E. down the N. side of St. Martinís Sike towards its junction with the Meikledale Burn (keep some way up the slope above the Sike). Cross the Meikledale Burn just above its junction with the Sike. Follow the track S. on the E. side of the Meikledale Burn.

This is a gentle walk on reasonable track down the beautiful Meikledale Valley. Pass Swingill, Burngrains, Rigfoot (all on the other side of the burn) until Meikledale Cottage just on the L. of the track comes into view (374 931). Turn R. through a gate into the field and head down towards the Burn. The path passes through gates keeping to the E. of the Meikledale Burn, eventually heading to Ewes Hall. The Grey Wether marked on the map in the field to your left is a fallen standing stone (not a well/spring as marked on the OS). Through a gate into the Ewes

Please respect the country code. Enjoy your walk!