Visitor Information

The trail markers are place to be visible in the direction of travel recommended for the trail. If for any reason you are going in the opposite direction, you will have to look carefully for some of the markers.

The trail starts just north of Bentpath Village on the B709 and goes north but it is possible to start at Eskdalemuir village and go south down the B709 visiting sites 7, 8 and 9 before visiting the first six sites on the return journey to Eskdalemuir.


The sites can be "done" in a day, but if you can, it's good to make several excursions, and to return at different times of the day or in different seasons. For example you might like to visit the Loupin' Stanes at dawn on Midsummer Day or sunset at the winter solstice, to get the different feel of these timeworn stones at these times.

It's a nuisance for getting about, but snow, when windblown or during a thaw, can show up features better than in summer when all is covered with high vegetation. Likewise as a white frost thaws in morning sun, the outlines of enclosures and ramparts stand out in good relief.

When you vist a site you will find a box attached to the information panel post containing laminated information sheets with site plans (reproduced by kind permission of RCAHMS) where appropriate. These plans are referred to in the site descriptions on these web pages and can be accessed on the Canmore section of the RCAHMS website. Registration is free.

Please return the sheet to the box when you have finished your visit. If you don't, other visitors will be disappointed. If you find that the box is empty, it would be very helpful if you could let us know by e-mailing Tom Kennedy at

Details of local acommodation providers including self catering cottages near the trail can be found on the accommodation pages of

There are a fine set of waymarked walks in the area which are fully described on the pages of the Langholm Walks website.

For cyclists, there are a set of suggested cycle routes all starting in Langholm, including one that takes in the prehistoric trail. These can be found at The trail itself is 14 miles long and the cycle route starting and finishing at Langholm is 26 miles.