The Terrain

The area around Langholm is ideal walking country. It is characterised by green rolling hills overlooking beautiful river valleys. The effort of reaching the hill summits is rewarded by expansive views which can extend in clear conditions to the Lake District in England and across a large part of the Borders.


There is also some afforestation in the area. The forests, as well as being harvested for timber, provide variety to the scene and offer sheltered walking. The larger forest blocks are comprised of conifers including Sitka spruce, pine and larch, but there are also smaller woodland groups of deciduous trees, particularly on the lower ground, which are home to an excellent range of birds.


The walking uses good paths and tracks in the valleys and forests, but on the hills you are often on pathless ground which can be rough in places. However, in such lovely scenery there is no need to hurry. Some of the hills - such as Whita Hill directly above Langholm - do have good tracks on them which minimise the effort needed to gain the highest point.

The area is extensively farmed, principally for livestock (cattle and sheep), and the inbye land is thus improved, giving easy walking. Higher pastures are however often on unimproved land which can be rougher and marshy in places. There is an extensive pattern of stone walls or dykes and fences which are good navigational aids.

A brief description of each walk can be found on the Walks page